The Catania International Summer School of Neuroscience has always attracted attendees from Europe interested in the most appealing topics in Neuroscience and Neuropsychopharmacology. This year the School is focused on “CANNABINOID RECEPTORS: THEIR ROLE IN PHYSIOLOGY AND PATHOLOGY”. During the CISSN, 10 lectures of 120 min (including 30-min discussion)  will be delivered by experts among the best in the field of cannabinoid receptors.



CISSN is addressed to PhD students and Post-Doctoral fellows interested in Neuroscience.


CISSN 2016 topic

In the middle of last century, the chemical structure of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol was discovered and later the CB1 cannabinoid receptor was cloned. In the last decades, endogenous cannabinoid ligands were discovered and characterized. The endocannabinoid system emerged as an important modulator of many functions of the body.

With the presence of some of the most renowned world experts in the field, the CISSN will cover the physiological roles of the endocannabinoid system in the brain, ranging from secondary metabolism to synapse physiology; therefore, the School will also serve as a platform for presenting key insights in fear, anxiety, psychosis, addiction, reward, aging, neurodegeneration and energy balance.

This instructional course includes both basic science and clinical lectures, highlighting the need of translational approaches in Neuroscience and Neuropsychopharmacology.



Vincenzo di Marzo - CNR, Pozzuoli (Italy)

Luigi Bellocchio - INSERM NeuroCentre Magendie, Bordeaux (France)

Beat Lutz - University Medical Center, Mainz (Germany)

Alberto Bacci - CNRS Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Epiniere (ICM), Paris (France)

Manuel Guzman - Complutense University, Madrid (Spain)

Carsten Wotjak - Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich (Germany)

Daniela Cota - INSERM NeuroCentre Magendie, Bordeaux (France)

Markus Leweke - Heidelberg University (Germany)

Daniele Piomelli - University of California, Irvine (USA)

Pier Vincenzo Piazza - INSERM Neurocentre Magendie, Bordeaux (France)



  • Registration 15 April 2016
  • Attendees' selection by 30 April 2016
  • Announcement of travel grant winners after registration fee payment
  • Fee payment by 20 May 2016




Filippo Drago – BIOMETEC, University of Catania, (Italy)

Scientific Director:

Giovanni Marsicano - INSERM, NeuroCentre Magendie, Bordeaux (France)


CISSN - International Summer School of Neuroscience