The CISSN will take place in a unique location, an old Villa close to the volcano Etna.

Attendees will have free accommodation and meals in the school venue.

Attendees will be in direct contact with the lecturers for the 5 days. CISSN has been organized to maximize the interaction between participants and faculty, in a very friendly manner. Every year, during the CISSN,  attendees acquire the latest notions about a topic in Neuroscience and Neuropsychopharmacology. Both basic and clinical science will be covered in the perspective of a general translational approach.

The CISSN is addressed to PhD students and Post-Doc fellows.

Senior attendees will not pay the fee but cannot take advantage of all the lodging facilities. If you are a senior attendee, please send a message from the CONTACT page of this website.

What to expect

Admission to the CISSN will be based on the order of registration (visit the REGISTRATION page). The CISSN will host 40 attendees per year. Candidate attendees excluded from the CISSN 2018 will be included in the priority list of the CISSN 2019.

Ten (10) travel grants (€500) will be assigned on the basis of CV and evaluation of research projects. About 1/3 of the travel grants will be reserved for Post-Doctoral fellows.

The CISSN is characterized by two 90 min sessions per day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), followed by a 60 min open discussion between the lecturer and attendees. At the end of the day, a 60 min general discussion will be delivered involving attendees and all lecturers. 

Attendees are also involved in other activities such as: simulations of research project realization, brain storming sessions.



CISSN - International Summer School of Neuroscience