European Frontiers Neurosciences 2021-2022 - Lettura Magistrale Prof. Dominik Wincewicz

Venerdì 17 dicembre, ore 17:00 presso l'Aula A Torre Sud della Torre Biologica si terrà il seminario del Prof. Dominik Wincewicz dal titolo: “Neurobiology and treatment of stress-related mental disorders

Tale seminario rientra nell'ambito della serie European Frontiers Neurosciences 2021-2022, (EFN), ed è organizzato dal Prof. Filippo Drago e dal Prof. Claudio Bucolo.


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Dr. Dominik Wincewicz is a medical doctor specialized in psychiatry and currently running a private practice. He holds a PhD in neuropharmacology. His work in the clinical setting was complemented by several preclinical research projects that he conducted as a principal investigator. He has hands-on experience in several behavioral, biochemical and molecular scientific methods in experimental neuroscience using animal models of neuropsychiatric disorders. He constantly seeks to interrogate the boundary between social and political animals for better translation of results.

The discussion, titled “Neurobiology and treatment of stress-related mental disorders”, will raise the topic of conceptualization of, and misconceptions about stress. Initially, a brief overview of the biological processes involved in translating stress into a response will be presented. This will also provide more detailed descriptions of alterations in cortico-subcortical (CSTC) loops with a particular focus on the differences between the neurobiology of fear and the neurobiology of worry. This is of particular importance in discussing further issues such as how symptoms of stress overlap with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and psychotic disorders. The role of stress in causing the aforementioned disorders, as well as in exacerbating a pre-existing condition, will also be emphasized. Occasionally, the discussion will be enriched by the observations from clinical practice and preclinical research experience. Finally, personalized, symptom-based treatment with benzodiazepines, alpha-2-delta ligands, and implementation of monoaminergic strategies will be discussed.

Data di pubblicazione: 07/12/2021