Research at Biometec

The research objectives of the Department are vast, ranging from the fundamental study of the structure and functions of membrane proteins to the research of physiology of the cardiovascular and nervous system of mammals and to translational projects concerning health, exercise and disease in humans.
The research is well funded by several sources, and the Department provides a stimulating and interactive environment for modern research related to human and animal health, as well as access to cutting-edge research equipment.
The research space has recently been implemented to high standards, through an investment of several million euros.

The Department works together according to “low-wall” principles of groupings and research centers, in order to encourage interdisciplinary research and integrative approaches to the main scientific problems. This attitude places the Department of Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences within a robust and productive scientific environment that encourages research and training related to research at the highest levels. The Department seeks to ensure continuous exploration and understanding of organs and systems, anatomy, biochemistry, pathology, genetics, pathophysiology and pharmacology.

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28/05/2018 - 10:24