Academic discipline

BIO/09 Physiology
BIO/10 Biochemistry
BIO/11 Molecular Biology
BIO/12 Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology
BIO/13 Experimental Biology
BIO/14 Pharmacology
BIO/15 Pharmaceutical biology
BIO/16 Human Anatomy
BIO/17 Histology
BIO/18 Genetics
BIO/19 General Microbiology
CHIM/02 Physical chemistry
CHIM/07 Chemical foundations of technologies
ING-INF/06 Electronic and Computer Bioengineering
M-EDF/01 Methods and teaching of motor activities
M-EDF/02 Methods and teaching of sports activities
MED/03 Medical Genetics
MED/04 General Pathology
MED/07 Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology
MED/34 Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
MED/46 Medical and Biotechnology Laboratory Techniques
MED/48 Neuropsychiatric and rehabilitation nursing sciences
MED/49 Food Sciences and Dietetics
MED/50 Applied Medical Technical Sciences
VET/06 Parasitology and Animal Parasitic Diseases
VET/07 Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology
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