Luca Petrigna

Fixed-term Assistant Professor (RTDA) of Exercise and Sport Sciences [M-EDF/01]

Luca took in 2021 a PhD in Health Promotion and Cognitive Sciences with a scholarship funded by the Palermo University (Italy) in partnership with Lithuanian Sport University (Lithuania). During the PhD period, Luca went at the Lithuanian Sports University and at the University of Colorado in Boulder (United States of America) where he worked in different projects. At the beginning of 2016 he took part in a research project on the potential benefits of Zumba Gold in people with Parkinson’s with the Oxford Brookes University (United Kingdom) as Honorary Research Associate. In 2015 Luca obtained a Master’s degree with Distinction, “Menzione alla Carriera” and “Dignità di Stampa” in Sport Sciences and Adaptative Activities at Turin University (Italy). Luca graduated in 2013 with a First Class Bachelor’s degree with Distinction in Sport and Exercise Science at Palermo University (Italy). During his period with the Palermo University (Italy), Luca did 6 months of Erasmus experience with the University of Greenwich (United Kingdom) where he took part in a research program on Critical Power in cyclists.

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Currently, my scientific interest, at the University of Catania, aims to evaluate the morphological aspects of musculo-skeletal pathologies (osteoarthritis) and to predict posturometric, thermal and kinematic changes in patients with early osteoarthritis through infrared thermography.

Another topic analyzed by me and therefore of my interest concerns the standardization of tests of interest in sports sciences used to evaluate and therefore promote and maintain the state of health of people. In recent years, under the supervision of Prof Palma and Prof Bianco, several field tests have been evaluated with literature reviews in populations of different ages and with disabilities.

My scientific research activity began in 2012 at the University of Greenwich (UK), under the supervision of Prof. Karsten, where I collected and analyzed data on Critical Power in cyclists. The topic is still of interest to me, in fact, in 2020 another article was published and a review of the literature was written on Critical Velocity in swimmers.

My training and research activities took place at the University of Palermo, the University of Turin, the University of Greenwich, Oxford Brooks University, the University of Colorado in Boulder and Lithuanian Sports University. Currently, my research activity is at the University of Catania.