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Centro di Ricerca in Attività Motorie
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Progetti Approvati e protocollati dal Comitato Scientifico:

  • Muscle strengthening and evaluation of the effects of mechanical stimulation on the vibrating platform (Protocollo n.: CRAM-01-2020, 16/03/2020);

  • Effects of dietary supplements on athletic performance (Protocollo n.: CRAM-02-2020, 16/03/2020);

  • New biotechnological approaches for postural and movement preventive analysis (Protocollo n.: CRAM-03-2020, 16/03/2020);

  • Biochemical, molecular and clinical mechanisms of head injury and concussion in sport (Protocollo n.: CRAM-04-2020, 16/03/2020);

  • Characterization of MSCs culture on a three-layers implant and development of a patient- customizable bioreactor to use in tissue engineering approaches for cartilage repair in weight- bearing joints (Protocollo n.: CRAM-05-2020, 16/03/2020);

  • Cartilage regeneration by tissue engineering, physical activity and knee biomechanics. Pathological aspects and multidisciplinary overview of knee osteoarthritis therapeutic treatment (Protocollo n.: CRAM-06-2020, 16/03/2020);

  • New biotechnological approaches for non-invasive postural and movement analysis in healthy sedentary workers (Protocollo n.: CRAM-07-2020, 16/03/2020);

  • Neuromotor remodulation of gait through mirror neurons and motor imagery (Protocollo n.: CRAM-08-2020, 16/03/2020);

  • Runner Postural Biomechanics. MAP Protocol - Pilot Study (Protocollo n.: CRAM-09-2020, 16/03/2020);

  • Rehabilitation treatment applied to cervicalgia and chronic low back pain assessed by Janda approach (Protocollo n.: CRAM-010-2020, 16/03/2020;

  • Physiological benefits of exercise to ameliorate psychological wellbeing during coronavirus pandemic (Protocollo n.: CRAM-011-2020, 16/03/2020).

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