Theory and Methodology of training M - Z
Module training theory

Academic Year 2023/2024 - Teacher: GIOVANNI SCARDILLI

Detailed Course Content

Concept of Theory of training. Physical activity and exercise. Positive effects of physical activity and guidelines of WHO.  Fitness: health related-components and skill-related components. Training and stress. Adaptation and General adaptation syndrome. Acute and chronic adaptation. Long-term (chronic) adaptation: fatigue-recovery relationships. Generalized theories of training: Theory of supercompensation, Fitness-fatigue theory. Training load and variables. Training principles. Energetics: Types of energy; Energy and physical exercise. Expressions of muscular and neuromuscular activity: 1) Endurance (anaerobic and aerobic); 2) Types of muscular strength; Maximal strength, Power and strength resistance; 3) Quickness; 4) Joint mobility and flexibility; 5) Agility. Motor skill: motor learning and practice conditions. Coordination abilities. Training plan: developmental models of athletics (LTAD di Balyi, DMSP di Cotè) and periodization. Need analysis and training program design.