Anno accademico 2023/2024 - Docente: Luigi AMICO

Risultati di apprendimento attesi

Knowledge and understanding

The students will be introduced to the logic of Physics.

- Applying knowledge and understanding

The students will learn to apply elementary notions of classical  mechanics.

- Making judgements

The students are supposed to get an ability to analyze  simple problems in Phsyics.

- Communication skills

The students are supposed to communicate simple Classical Physics problems using appropriate wording

Learning skills

During the course, the students will practice  their  skill in organization, time management, notetaking, active listening, public speaking, critical-thinking, evaluation, text interpretation, annotative reading, problem solving, curiosity, open-mindedness.

Modalità di svolgimento dell'insegnamento

The course consists of lectures and exercises  related to the topics covered.

Prerequisiti richiesti

Nozioni elementari di matematica

Frequenza lezioni

Attendance is mandatory

Contenuti del corso

Introduction to the logic of Physics

  • Dimensions and units of measure of the physical quantities
  • Vectors
Kinematics and Dynamics
  • Kinematics of a point particle
  • Dynamics of a point particle
  • Energy and work
  • Elements of statics. Levers

Testi di riferimento

1. G. Douglas, Physics: principles with applications, global edition (2015), Pearson Education, 1st edition (2015). 

2. D. Young and S. Stadler, Physics: international adaption, Wiley John + Sons, 12th edition (2022).

Programmazione del corso

 ArgomentiRiferimenti testi
1Introduction to Physics; units and dimensions; vectors (2 hours)textbook 1, chapter 1; textbook 2, chapter 1
2Kinematics in one and two dimensions (4 hours)textbook 1, chapters 2 and 3; textbook 2, chapters 2 and 3
3Dynamics: Newton laws (3 hours)textbook 1, chapters 4 and 5; textbook 2, chapters 4 and 5
4Work and energy; momentum (3 hours)textbook 1, chapters 6 and 7; textbook 2, chapters 6 and 7
5Static equilibrium (2 hours)textbook 1, chapter 9; textbook 2, chapter 10

Verifica dell'apprendimento

Modalità di verifica dell'apprendimento

The final assesment  will consist of a written test with  exercises, integrated by oral interviews.

Esempi di domande e/o esercizi frequenti

Explanation of the notions of velocity and accelerations.

Explanations of the notions of work and energy.Providing examples