Nome Tipologia Borsa Ciclo Argomento di Ricerca Tutor
D'Aprile Simona Senza Borsa XXXVII The role of epigenome in glioblastoma progression and therapeutic resistance Prof. C. Bucolo
Di Martino Serena Borsa Ministeriale XXXVII Phytocannabinoids exposure during developing brain: is there a "critical window" of enhanced vulnerability or a "window of opportunity" for the treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders? Prof. V. Micale
Distefano Alfio Borsa UNICT XXXVII Role of tobacco smoke and ENDS in brain ageing prof. G. Li Volti
Giuffrida Erika PON Innovazione XXXVII R&D Innovation to develop the pharmaceutical industry system: focus on retinal diseases Prof. C. Bucolo
Magrì Benedetta Borsa Regionale XXXVII Role of Sigma-1 receptor agonists and synthetic pacap analogs on motor neurons degeneration in Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Prof.ssa V. D'Agata
Rizzo Silvia PON Innovazione XXXVII Early life stress-induced hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis perturbations and traumatic stress susceptibility  Prof. G.M. Leggio
Basile Sarah PNRR DM 351 XXXVIII Phathogenesis and evolution of Alzheimer's disease Prof.ssa A. G. Copani
Cantone Anna Flavia Senza Borsa XXXVIII Novel targets for intervention in Alzheimer’s disease: exploring the neuroinflammatory role of central and peripheral immune system Prof.ssa G. Cantarella
Monai Anna PNRR DM 351 XXXVIII Manipulation of somatostatin neurons in the anterior cingulate cortex impact emotion discrimination in mice Prof. G.M. Leggio
Terranova Roberta Borsa Ministeriale XXXVIII ET patients phenotyping using a clinical-Instrumental and pharmacological data clustering Prof.ssa A Nicoletti
Vacanti Valeria PNRR DM 351 XXXVIII Mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity and memory in physiological conditions and neurodegenerative disorders Prof.ssa D. Puzzo
Ciuro Maria Borsa PNRR D.M.118/2023 XXXIX Prevention of mitochondrial impairment by inhibition of Drp-1 activity as a therapeutic target in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis prof.ssa D. Puzzo
Coppola Irene Borsa ISS XXXIX Role of the histone variant macroH2A1.2 in the central nervous system: a neurophysiological behavioral and metabolic study in a transgenic macroH2A1.2 knock-out mouse model prof. V. Micale
Orlando Laura Borsa PNRR Anthem XXXIX Biological effects of flash Therapy both in vitro and in vivo models of Glioblastoma prof. G. Li Volti
Salamone Sonya Borsa PNRR Heal Italia XXXIX Nose to brain delivery of nanomedicine to prevent cognitive impairment related to metabolic syndrome prof. R. Pigratello
Sangiorgio Maria Borsa PNRR D.M.118/2023 XXXIX Effects of a Smoothened agonist in the SOD1 transgenic mice prof. Caraci
Zuppelli Tatiana Borsa PNRR Anthem XXXIX Analysis of tumor microenvironment following Flash Therapy in vitro and in vivo models of Glioblastoma prof. G. Li Volti